Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Dilemma

Ok. So here is my silly dilemma I'm facing right now.
TO Cut bangs or to not cut bangs.
I know so crucial.... but I seriously can't decide and its driving me nuts. I have been wanting to for the past couple weeks but all these negative thoughts cloud my mind and I can't decide what to do.
I figure how adorable would it be to have bangs for the winter, plus my hair SHOULD grow faster being pregnant, another BIG plus is it would cover up my stupid regrowth hairs that I still have from birthing Hunter. Moms, you know the annoying little fussy hairs that stick out like horns.
The negative side to having bangs is I know I'll regret them in like a month, also what if my hair doesn't grow fast and the horns look worse with bangs! Ok enough of my babbling, I need help.
Cut bangs or don't cut bangs? That is my question.

All images found on pinterest. If your still reading this forgive my silly pregnant hormone induced post. 

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