Thursday, November 7, 2013

Outfit Ideas

I've been asked by all my clients before their sessions; What do I wear?? So here it is, my advice for picking out your families outfits. Trust me I'm no expert on fashion and I want all my clients to feel comfortable in their own clothing and style.
First things first, be true to YOUR style and personality. 
Pick clothes from your own closet
You want your photos to reflect you and your family. Plus you'll save a ton of money and stress of shopping at the busy mall for outfits, who wants to go shopping anyway!!?!?! ;)
Coordinate, but don't be matchy matchy
Ok so you know those tacky 80's pictures where each family member is wearing exactly the same thing?! Yeah, don't do that. Pick items that compliment each other and coordinate. Try and pick 3 complimentary colors to work with. Here's a few of my family pictures for examples, there's blues, creams, and browns in our outfits

Ok so the boys shirts have the same pattern but are not the same color.
Clothing with texture and movement
There's texture in the jean material, the lace on my dress and our belts, plus I accessorized with jewelry. Pattern also makes pictures pop, just don't have too much. Remember that accessories, texture and pattern can make an image POP! Or in other words more visually appealing. Flowy clothing can also add that visual appeal. 

Hopefully some of my advice can help when your picking out your outfits. My best advice again is to try and be yourself, choose clothing and accessories that compliment and reflect you.

Check out this article written by blogger, photographer Paint the Moon. She has some great tips and advice on outfits and tips for your photo session.
Here's another article written by Mandy at the Sugar Bee Blog

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