Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DIY - Mama and mini

Here's another super easy DIY for Valentines Day! I was trying to come up with something that Hunter and I could both wear that wouldn't be too girly, so I browsed Pinterest (like I always do) and came up with this arrow print.
The images below pretty much explains how to make these. I simply drew my design onto cardboard, I used a cereal box for my stencil but I would recommend using cardstock. The cardboard was pretty thick and took forever to slice through with a box cutter.
After you draw out your design cut it out with a box cutter or small knife.

Insert a piece of cardboard into each shirt to keep the paint from sticking to both sides of the fabric. Firmly press down on the stencil while you dab the paint sponge over it. Let the shirts dry for a couple hours and your ready to wear them!

I really like how the stencils came out, and that we can both match!! I think my shirt will look much better once I don't have this big old belly, its a little too tight ;)

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