Friday, January 3, 2014

Making 2014 count

With the arrival of baby #2 coming up and a growing toddler I've really been thinking about what I want and hope our life to look like this coming year.  Its so important that God and my family come first. My babies will only be "babies" for so long, they need their Mama and my husband needs to know I will always be his best friend and partner through it all.
I want to make 2014 count by being in the "present". So many times I find myself getting caught up in my to-do list, I dwell so much on the things that need to be checked off that list (I also think I have pregnancy OCD) that I miss opportunities to be in the present with the ones I love.

In order to be in the present I need organization in my life. Therefore I have started lists, many lists....maybe too many. I know this contradicts what I just stated, but my before lists were more scattered in my head and not realistic goals written down.
I have written down goals for my home, relationships and myself. Some have timelines and others are simply reminders to keep my thoughts and attitude focused on what and who matters most.  
This coming April I will be a fulltime stay at home Mama, I am over-joyed and extremely nervous at the same time. It has always been so important to me to be home when I had children. I realize not every Mom has the opportunity to do so and we are taking a risk by letting go of my income. I trust that God will provide and with organization and a plan it will be manageable. Please pray for my sanity!!! ;)

What are your goals for 2014? Have you thought about setting any? I'm linking up with other bloggers to share.


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