Sunday, February 9, 2014


Project 52: An image once a week documenting our daily lives

Week 6
  Hunter will be 18 months next week and already more of a little boy than my baby. He's been teething pretty bad lately which has been affecting his/our sleep and moods. I can feel a few more teeth coming in up top which will add to the four he already has, two top front and two bottom front. He has about 10 words in his vocabulary and is communicating really well through signs.

Another awesome thing to report, he is aware that there is a baby in Mama's belly! I'll ask him where the baby is and he'll lift my shirt and point to my belly. Love it!
 Baseball hats are the cutest thing ever on babies! He usually only wears the hat for a few minutes then realizes its on and swipes it off his head. I'm trying to train him into keeping them on his head. I think it also helps tame his wild mane ;)

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