Thursday, February 27, 2014

Project 52/ 7,8&9

Project 52: A image once a week documenting our lives
Week 7
I'm such a bad blogger sometimes, I haven't been super motivated to upload photos and babble about life on here. I haven't been super motivated about much lately, just don't have much energy :/
Anyway, enough wah wah blah blah poor me pregnant lady talk ;)
I busted out some clothes I've bought or been given for the babe and got so giddy about putting these tiny clothes on he or she! I daydream all the time about what this babe will be, look like, what their personality will turn into, will they get hubby's adorable dimples like Hunter did?!?!
Week 8
Was Hunter's 18 month check up at the doctors. It amazes me how fast this kid is growing up, I feel like we just celebrated his 1st birthday and he will already be 2 in 6 months! What!?!
Poor kid had to get the rest of his booster shots, thank goodness he won't have to get anymore until he is 4! That evening and following day he had a fever and was pretty miserable. I felt so bad :(

Week 9
Today we finally got some much needed rain and hopefully it will stay for the next few days. Hunter and I have lounged around the house in our jammies all day playing, doing a little bit of housework, eating and just being pretty lazy (much needed for this tired, 8 month pregnant Mama). 
Hubby started his class this week and has been busy with work and homework, I'm looking forward to having zero plans this weekend and hoping he can join us for some spontaneous fun. Hope you all have a great rest of the week and awesome weekend!! 

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