Thursday, July 31, 2014

Life lately

These are some of the best and at times hardest days of my life. Daily life with two little ones is exhausting, hilarious and beautiful. One of them, if not both, are needing something from me at all times, unless they are asleep. I wouldn't trade it for the world! Growing up all I ever wanted to do was be a Mom, I'm so incredibly blessed that I get to fulfill that dream everyday.

I finally feel like we have a good rythum and schedule going, it only took 3 months! ;) Mornings start a little too early if you asked me since we transitioned Hunter into a toddler bed. It was rough for the first week or two but I feel like he has finally adjusted to it and only comes out of his room occasionally. River is an amazing sleeper, waking only once at night to eat. She takes three naps a day, two short ones and one long afternoon one at the same time Hunter naps! Score! 
Hunter is totally in love with his new baby sister, constantly giving her hugs and kisses. It's exciting to think about the friendship and bond they will share for hopefully the rest of they're lives. 3 months has gone by entirely too fast. Also our big boy is turning two August 15th!
We have been having such a fun summer that I almost don't want it to end, but I'm soooo ready for Fall and some cooler weather. getting out of the house during the morning before naps is necessary to get some energy out of Hunter. We've been enjoying the pool, going to the bay, play dates and just being outside. We've also had fun going camping a few times and plan to go more before it gets too cold.



This photo cracks me up! Hunter is saying "cheese"! taking pictures of baby sister with his this kid.

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  1. Such precious little ones!! It has been amazing hugging on your little ones lately. Thanks for hanging out, eating tasty food, and doing life with us :)


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