Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Life Lately~Fall 2014

In the blink of an eye it's already the end of 2014. Crazy how fast a year can go by, especially when your busy and boy have we been busy. River will be 6 months old tomorrow and I feel like we just brought her home from the hospital yesterday! Hunter turned two in August and just loves being an older brother.
I had so much fun making the kids costumes for Halloween, Hunter was Peter Pan and River was Tinkerbell. I've also been busy taking photos again, so if your interested shoot me an email.
Since I have a bad cold/cough and my brain is mush, that's about all I can think to write about. So here's a bunch of cute pictures of my babies.
I will say how excited I am for the Holidays coming up!! This is my absolute favorite time of the year!


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