Wednesday, February 25, 2015

9 Months

This sweet girl of mine is growing like a weed and way too fast if you asked me! River will be 10 months old next week, that means I need to start planning her big first birthday! What a blessing she has been to our family, Hunter loves having someone to play I mean fight over toys with :o
One minute he's loving on her with cuddles and kisses then I turn around and he's tackling her! Brothers.....;)
Her new found talents are waving "hi", pulling herself onto her feet and standing on her own for about .2 seconds, climbing onto things, screeching as loud as she possibly can, snuggling when she gets sleepy. She is growing attachments to people other than just Mama (Papa, grandma's, brother), she loves bananas, baby oatmeal, sweet potatoes, any type of carb especially French fries, loves swinging at the park, playing with all of Hunter's toys and dancing!
Still only has two teeth but is constantly sucking on her lips, hopefully those others will pop out soon, nursing less and less (I have mixed emotions about her stopping soon) .I've been working on sleep training her more although she is already a pretty good sleeper.
I'm really looking forward to all the other "firsts" for my girl but also feel bittersweet about her growing so quickly.  

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