Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Life lately May-August

So its been forever since I blogged last and it makes me sad. I enjoy blogging, writing down my thoughts, posting photos and looking back at old posts (crying on the inside and sometimes outside about my babies growing up!). Some people may think its silly or a waste of time to blog but its basically an online journal with photos to look back on, so that makes it pretty awesome I think. Sometimes I get pouty when I see that only one person read or commented on my post, then I get over it and realize its for myself and my family not a popularity contest. So go make yourself a blog...the end.
Annnnyyywayyy......up next is a ton of photos from May 2015 up until now, August. Life seems like it goes by so incredibly fast, especially with two toddlers to keep up with. River Turned one on May 6th (wahhhh) and grew up in the blink of an eye. She communicates really well with her whines, finger pointing and head nodding and is currently obsessed with her binky. She stopped nursing around the time she turned 14 months, which I had mixed emotions about. She has a feisty personality and a mind of her own and I love that about her. She can be really shy like her brother and is still a huge Mama's girl and gives the best cuddles.
Our Hunter boy just turned the big number three on August 15th! We had so much fun celebrating at Lego Land and then had a small family party for him on his actual birthday. He just started preschool last week, only part time, 2 days a week. He too is a great communicator......ok no he makes me want to pull my hair out everyday but what 3 year old doesn't!?! He has the sweetest heart and loves his family, especially his baby sister even though he loves to torment her constantly. His second language is growling, loves to tackle and do other crazy boy stuff. He's still such a Mama's boy but is starting to prefer his Papa for somethings so I'm going to try and keep him on my side for as long as I can ;)

For some reason all the photos uploaded out of order and I don't feel like fixing them so here they are.


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