Monday, October 26, 2015

DIY Ghost String Art

Need a fun last minute Halloween DIY? This ghost string art was quick, easy and fun to do with the kids. This isn't a step by step tutorial, so I hope my instructions and photos make it easy enough. If I had to do it over again I wouldn't have done it on my yucky, dirty brick patio (I didn't realize how dirty it was and I was going for the natural light) also I would have made the ghost's mouth bigger.

I started out with two plywood boards but I ran out of time and nails to do the "BOO" string art, saving that one for another day. I painted the plywood boards my hubby cut with chalkboard paint, then sanded the edges for a distressed unfinished look.

Then draw an image or word on a piece of paper (I should have used a black marker instead of a pencil so it would show up in the photos). Place the paper on your board and start nailing along the outline of the drawing.

Once you have nailed all the nails along the drawing lift the paper off the nails.

Grab your white string and tie a knot in one of the nails then start stringing! There's really no method or pattern to wrapping the string, I just weaved around the outline of the nails and filled in the middle to my desired thickness.

Once you get it the way you like it just tie the string, cut and your done! I love adding little pieces like this to my holiday decorations but don't always have or like to spend the money on it. This project was free for me because I already had all the materials on hand, even if you have to purchase the materials I'm sure you wouldn't be spending more than $10, plus you would have enough left over to make more!

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