Monday, January 25, 2016

Project 52 week 3

My kiddos teach me a lot about life and myself. I'd say they are especially good at teaching me patience, not that I practice it all the time ;) but one thing I'm grateful for learning from them is to play more. I get so busy being they're mom, caring for and keeping two children alive and well becomes second nature and obviously its my job ;)
There are times when Hunter will come up to me and ask "Mama, I want you to help me build my wegos (Legos, he's obsessed) Often times I'm actually busy or in the middle of something. I always feel bad saying no especially when he gives me the sweetest looks with those dimples of his. Its totally ok to say no at times but when I stop what I'm doing and say a happy "YES"! I'm so glad I did.  

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