Monday, September 19, 2016

DIY flower crown

I've been asked how I make my flower crowns for sessions so I put together a little "how to" for you! I love the added texture and pop they add to photos, you can also wear them to parties or events!
My little helper loved watching me put this together.

All you need for materials are
Green florist wire
Rope wire to match hair color

Start by cutting the rope wire and measure it around the head to fit, start twisting to make it stay.

Grab the green florist wire and cut a bunch of pieces approximately 10 inches in length.

Carefully poke the wire through the flower through the base.

place the flower on the rope wire where desired and begin wrapping the florist wire around the rope wire until its secure.

Continue wrapping flowers and greenery around, be extra careful with succulents, they are very fragile!

Once you have as many or as little flowers that you desire around the rope wire, trim any excess pieces that might be sticking out. That's it! Happy flower crown making.


  1. Do you always use fresh flowers + greenery? Seriously, your flower crowns are always gorgeous! I think I want to make some for Thanksgiving. :)

  2. Yes I do!! They are just so pretty in photos. Although if you pick out realistic looking faux flowers and greenery your crown can last forever! I made matching ones for River and I at Easter and I think I want to make more!


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