Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Being outside with your kiddos can give you life again. It's all those little unplanned moments and days that make up some of my most fondest memories. Showing my kiddos the world around them makes my heart happy and fulfilled. 
This day wasn't anything super special but I loved getting out with my kiddos and mama to enjoy a beautiful San Diego day. If you haven't been to this park yet, you must go. I wouldn't recommend it for little ones, even River can't get up this hill by herself to get up to the slide, Its right outside of the San Diego County Administration Center. Tomorrow we are hitting up the zoo with my mama in law! Where are some of your favorite places to visit/explore with your littles? I'd love some new ideas, insp, etc. Enjoy the rest of this week!!

Love that I found this!!! Yeah I don't get out much, The Rising Tide Society is a community built to inspire creatives and this is their moto! Love it!

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